I am a Finnish fingerstyle / slide guitarist and composer who plays steel-string acoustic guitars as a solo instrument together with digital “tape loops” and delays. I’ve called my style Finnish Primitive Guitar and Dark World Music. My music searches that certain something that can’t be said with words or shown as pictures. If I knew how to say or write it or even draw it, I would.

I enjoy that people tell me that my music reminds them of a specific feeling or a place or time, but I enjoy it even more when their impressions are completely different from others’.

Even if I have a theme or place behind the original idea of a composition, I enjoy when it moves to something completly different as I play the pieces live or at home. There’s a lot of improv. (improvement and improvisation).

I have way too many instruments and some of them have way too much strings. There’s also a lot of storing and maintenance involved.




Devil Box

with Hell Cat

  • Bark Moon (2017)
    lap steel guitar on Visionary, Lord Knows It’s Me, Countless Miles & Hellcatross

with Valonyrkki

  • Kohtuuton (2018)
    acoustic guitar and mohan veena