Tour Diary 5/6 | Tuesday Feb 20

The drive from Tartu to Tallinn is easy, so I had a lazy morning at the hostel and still arrived early at Tallinn.

Listened to the Sawmill Roots Orchestra’s swinging brand new album that Andres gave to me at Barlova. He’s releasing albums so often that every time I get to see him, there’s a new CD. Even if I just saw him Saturday, there’s new music on Monday. ;-D

And then back to “Oh Where” for a good 10–20 times on full repeat.

Had a great lunch in an Indian restaurant right next to my hotel. The hotel Bern had arranged a good parking space for my car and this solved so many problems (but not the fact that it was Tuesday).

The bar Puu was located in the Kalamaja district which is a really nice area with beautiful wooden buildings. Picked up my friend Otto and his VOX amp that I’m bringing to Turku with my car. Then we went together to the beautiful but empty bar. This Tuesday night gig was a really long shot and it was better to try than to just have a day off in the 6 day schedule.

The place is a beautiful wood paneled bar and the acoustics are good. So I decided to record and film a few of the songs in this nice sounding’n’looking place. The gig turned to be a recording session with really great catering.

We drove to the hotel, enjoyed some falafel together with Otto and had a chance to catch up on his new job and his band’s plans.

Videos from The Puu Session:

Moana Chimes  (M.K.Moke)


Weissenborn and Pocket Piano Improv in G Minor