Tour Diary 3/6 | Sunday Feb 18

After breakfast, we arranged with Kaisa Ling to meet at our hotel. We managed to pack three musicians and instruments & gear (mostly mine) into the car and set the navigator to Rīga Old Town.

Roads got bumpier when we got closer to the destination. Blasted Trio Da Kali and Kronos Quartet’s Ladilikan and Tinariwen’s Elwan on the car stereo. Pan told about his trip to Guinea and the kora playing lesson he had there. Kaisa was writing her article about hokum blues and explained to me and Pan her views of the great ladies of early 1900’s blues. So your basic rock’n’roll touring lifestyle in full eleven(11)!

Enjoyed coffee on the road and had the immigration check our passports and car documents on a road stop.

Found the hotel and Rock Cafe easily (thank you Co-Pilot navigator). Checked in at the hotel and then carried my guitars, pedals and amp across the street to the venue.

There we had a late lunch while Kaisa waited for her band to arrive. I had a great grilled tuna steak and some good coffee.

After my soundcheck there was only a short break for a quick change of clothes.

Programme started at 18.00 and we each played two sets. Pan played first, then me and Kaisa Ling Thing closed the show. A great audience for a Sunday show. There was even a representative from the Finnish embassy present and got to chat with her for a moment.

Stage was big with a full video screen/light show, so not the kind of venue I’m used to. The gigs went well and loads of photos were taken.

Had some troubles with my new 12-string on the first set, but it worked out great.

After the show I also got to talk to some of the audience members. One guy was really impressed that I had the Latvian PLUS pedal on my setup. ;-D

Photos from the show by Juris Rozenbergs

Other photos: