Tour Diary 2/6 | Satuday Feb 17

*Boom 4:40*

Got up. A nice 4,5-hour sleep. Brewed coffee, packed my gear and headed off to Helsinki Harbor. The weather was nice, road was clear of snow and traffic was minimal. Listened to the two The Touré-Raichel Collective albums on the way. Stopped for a short break at Lohja, as I had plenty of time.

Planning ahead, I booked a cabin, so got another 2 hours of sleep on the ferry.

Then through the Tallinn harbor’s gate and navigator set for Pärnu. The weather was grey and listened to some more Touré-Raichel Collective’s music.


The Pärnu Bluusipäevät festival is celebrating it’s 10th year and they held a winter festival, The Blue Icicle, at Nooruse Maja. The venue was a bit far away from the city center and the event started really early. I arrived just when the 10-hour festival programme was about to start. Pärnu and especially Pärnu’s blues festivals seem to exist in their own dimension, so you either can try to make sense of it (and probably fail) or go with the flow and have a good time. I played an hour later than what reads in the posters and the “second stage” was a nice small room (equipped with a useful whiteboard, fluorescent lights and the Pärnu AV Club recording the gigs). The gig went really well. Hopefully there’ll be multi-angle video footage available some day. I’ll post links.

I got to see Heiko Kivila & Sõbrad in the second stage, Tammepõld- Roots – Kadakas play the big stage, Pan Salmenhaara’s set and Kaisa Ling Thing’s duo gig. Nice start for the festival’s anniversary year!

Then packed the gear, headed for the hotel. We decided to go for a late dinner with Pan, who was also my roommate. Practical, as we were going to Rīga together the next day. Luckily there was a pizza place open late. This was my third time in Pärnu so the streets were a bit more familiar than before.