We held a small record release event at 8raita. I played every song from the album and I also invited Myllykangas to play a small set.

8raita is a great independent record store right in the city center. Fredde, who owns the shop, is a great guy and I’m thankful of his support!

You can buy the CD form 8raita’s webshop or if you can, visit the shop at Yliopistonkatu 9A, Turku!

Set list:

• The Assassination of Esa Kuloniemi
• Paha
• Weissenborn Improv in G Minor
• Bentonia
• Musical Notes to Self
• Breaking The Law [or Prägnanz]



Paha played live at @8raita Record Store Sat 11.11. #guitarmusiconly #minnemielenipakenet

Henkilön Antti Alanko (@a_alanko) jakama julkaisu