Jansolo organized an event raising money to build shelters for Bosnian stray dogs. The event was held in Toby & Fellas Bar (what used to be Klubi, and part of G(((o)))ng).
Jansolo, me, Folk-Valto and Kauppilan Puutarha played and every one had a good time. One memeber of the audience was so interested in my Weissenborn lapsteel, that he even had to step up to the stage in the middle of the gig to ask me about it. I love to talk about my guitars, but maybe wait till the end of my set when I’m packing them in their cases and not playing them. ;-D

Great gigs and I used my GoPro camera and Zoom recorder, so you can enjoy bits in YouTube.


• The Assassination of Esa Kuloniemi
• Sunflower River Blues (John Fahey)
• Paha
• Train
• Cypress Grove (Skip James)
• Snowflakes / Steamboat ‘Gwine Around The Bend (John Fahey)
• Salama/Ukkonen

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