Month: September 2017

Unta.Kauan Viisi @ TVO

Oh what a great event! A two day festival by the hard working DIY Unta.Kauan people. The whole weekend was booked solid with great bands, dj Astro and a food stand by Dirty River Roller Derby. I had the privilige to be the “soft” opening of day two. The meditative guitar concert before the stage […]

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Maagillinen Teatteri MMXVII

On the first weekend of September 2017, the last Maagillinen Teatteri  (The Magickal Theatre: Fin de partie) was held in the Lielahden kartano, Tampere. The venue was an old mansion build in the late 1800’s and the secret programme was spread to three stages, in the Garden on the Mansion terrace, in the Mansion hall and in […]

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